Bonus/Basement Room Mood Board

So I’m kind of tired of calling this the basement. I feel like it give it a more of a cold feeling vibe, so I’m going to refer to this as the bonus room from now on. Since it can’t be considered a bedroom as of now (doesn’t have AC/heat source) we will refer to it as the bonus room.

You may ask what my plans are for this room!? Well today i’m sharing that with you! I have always planned to make this a craft/workout room. I have an office upstairs, but is more for my day-to-day photography work, rather than crafting. Down here i’ll keep all my paints, sewing machine, and random craft supplies I have accumulated over the years. I want this room to stay versatile as well, so if I want room to workout I have it. That’s why I’ve created this mood board to give you guys a look for the vibe I’m going for.

I want to do a desk on wheels because I want something that can be moved around easily if I need more room. Crafting you never know what you’ll be doing, so I want the desk to be able to adapt to different situations. I also put a cubical shelf on the list. Since there’s the cinderblock ledge, I’ve thought about creating a built in of sorts for added storage and to take up some of that dead space.

Lastly, I think i’ll put some fun chairs in here, and just have this room be a little more funs in terms of color and a way to experiment with different things. I ordered these shelves from West Elm and excited to use them!

Got any other ideas for the space? Leave your ideas below!

5 Essentials for a Cozy Bedroom

Everyone wants a bedroom that is their oasis right!? It’s where you sleep and wake up and probably spend a good part of your evening. A lot of times people don’t know what to do to make their bedroom cozier. It feels like something is always missing right? Well I’m here to share 5 things that I think will make your room feel cozier and that you will enjoy waking up to in the morning

1 Curtains

This the number one essential thing everyone needs. Even if you are in an apartment you can easily buy no screw curtain rods like this one here or here that go inside the window sill! I bought some Ikea curtains and curtain rods to stay budget friendly, but also warm up the bedroom!

Curtains:  Ikea  Curtain Rods:  Ikea

Curtains: Ikea Curtain Rods: Ikea

2. Art

Art may be the number one thing I recommend everyone has in their. It just adds such a personal touch and allows your guests to see your personality. Not to mention art just makes me happy and I love supporting artists and seeing something in my home and know its an original and handmade.

Art by Deann Rieves

Art by Deann Rieves

3. Rug

I’d say every bedroom needs a rug! A rug can bring so much life into a room! Especially if you have hardwood floors it will add a little warmth to your room and also make it easier to get out out bed when you have something soft to touch! I find Target to be a great place to find a affordable rugs and they are always running specials online!

Rug:  Target

Rug: Target

4. Mirror

Everyone needs a big mirror! It makes the room look bigger and also makes getting ready much more fun and easy. And having a bedroom you want to get ready in adds in to making it cozy!

Mirror:  West Elm

Mirror: West Elm

5. Candles

Candles are a must for a cozy bedroom! Light one up and you’ll want to stay in there forever! One of my favorite local candle companies, ecam and co, has this Sparkling Evergreen and it will smell just like Christmas! I’ve also teamed up with Ecam & Co to giveaway one Sparkling evergreen and a $20 Target gift card! To enter, visit my Instagram page and find this image! You can also check out more of her scents at

Candle:  Ecam & Co

Candle: Ecam & Co