Bonus/Basement Room Mood Board

So I’m kind of tired of calling this the basement. I feel like it give it a more of a cold feeling vibe, so I’m going to refer to this as the bonus room from now on. Since it can’t be considered a bedroom as of now (doesn’t have AC/heat source) we will refer to it as the bonus room.

You may ask what my plans are for this room!? Well today i’m sharing that with you! I have always planned to make this a craft/workout room. I have an office upstairs, but is more for my day-to-day photography work, rather than crafting. Down here i’ll keep all my paints, sewing machine, and random craft supplies I have accumulated over the years. I want this room to stay versatile as well, so if I want room to workout I have it. That’s why I’ve created this mood board to give you guys a look for the vibe I’m going for.

I want to do a desk on wheels because I want something that can be moved around easily if I need more room. Crafting you never know what you’ll be doing, so I want the desk to be able to adapt to different situations. I also put a cubical shelf on the list. Since there’s the cinderblock ledge, I’ve thought about creating a built in of sorts for added storage and to take up some of that dead space.

Lastly, I think i’ll put some fun chairs in here, and just have this room be a little more funs in terms of color and a way to experiment with different things. I ordered these shelves from West Elm and excited to use them!

Got any other ideas for the space? Leave your ideas below!