What's Next? Projects for this Fall

You might be thinking, your house looks great what else do you need to do? I still have a lot of projects I want to do! Some are small and some are a little bigger, but here’s a list of things I want to tackle by the end of the year.

Finish out the Craft Room closet

Shelf:  West Elm  Lamp:  West Elm  Curtains: Amazon Desk:  Wayfair

Shelf: West Elm Lamp: West Elm Curtains: Amazon Desk: Wayfair

I just finished the basement room with new paint, flooring and trim. I’m still working on outfitting it with the right furniture, but I also want to make the closet behind the curtain a real closet with shelves and maybe a bifold door. I at least want to get the shelves made so that the closet is more useful, so stay tuned for that!

Finish the Laundry Area

Rug: Bargain Hunt Cabinets: Ikea Sektion

Rug: Bargain Hunt Cabinets: Ikea Sektion

I just got the cabinets up above the washer and dryer, but I am still debating on what to do with the floors. Should I tile? Should I leave it? Should I cover up the wiring? As well as getting a new light fixture to make this feel like a real laundry room.



This is probably more ongoing, but there is still a lot of landscaping to do, mainly in the backyard and the left side of the house that you never see. I want to take out all these holly bushes as well as figure out some kind of landscaping or path to the gate. The grass unfortunately didn’t survive over here, so I have to come up with something else. I want to clean up some of the plants in the front yard as well, so landscaping is constantly on my to do list. The problem is coming up with a solution for land where nothing will grow.

Guest Room


I can’t believe I’m showing it in this state, but here it is. The guest room has looked pretty sad since I’ve moved in and that’s why you’ve never seen it on social media. It’s very thrown together with random things from around my house, and I want to make this room a little more put together. It’s also become a dumping ground as you can see and I want to fix that. I want to get a bigger bed and rearrange the space to have a little better fengshui!

I have more things on my list, but don’t want to be too ambitious! Let me know what project I should do first in the comments!

Bonus/Basement Room Mood Board

So I’m kind of tired of calling this the basement. I feel like it give it a more of a cold feeling vibe, so I’m going to refer to this as the bonus room from now on. Since it can’t be considered a bedroom as of now (doesn’t have AC/heat source) we will refer to it as the bonus room.

You may ask what my plans are for this room!? Well today i’m sharing that with you! I have always planned to make this a craft/workout room. I have an office upstairs, but is more for my day-to-day photography work, rather than crafting. Down here i’ll keep all my paints, sewing machine, and random craft supplies I have accumulated over the years. I want this room to stay versatile as well, so if I want room to workout I have it. That’s why I’ve created this mood board to give you guys a look for the vibe I’m going for.

I want to do a desk on wheels because I want something that can be moved around easily if I need more room. Crafting you never know what you’ll be doing, so I want the desk to be able to adapt to different situations. I also put a cubical shelf on the list. Since there’s the cinderblock ledge, I’ve thought about creating a built in of sorts for added storage and to take up some of that dead space.

Lastly, I think i’ll put some fun chairs in here, and just have this room be a little more funs in terms of color and a way to experiment with different things. I ordered these shelves from West Elm and excited to use them!

Got any other ideas for the space? Leave your ideas below!

How to Install Vinyl Floors in the Basement - BEFORE/AFTER


I’m so excited to share some before and afters of the room in my basement! So my house is pretty small, but the basement is HUGE! A lot of the space isn’t usable for rooms per say, but there is this one room that was already there, but just need some love. It had brown paneling, unfinished floors, and old windows.

New Windows

First thing I did was get new windows. The windows were original to the house, and while I love the look of wood windows, I wanted to feel safer in my house, and also have it better insulated. I had a lot of issues with bugs downstairs and just it being really hot, so I think the new windows really makes the room look more finished and in much better shape!

Left: before and after of the window trim being painted, right: how the other windows look on the outside.

Left: before and after of the window trim being painted, right: how the other windows look on the outside.


Next, I gave everything a fresh coat of paint and cleaned the room. I painted the cinder blocks that were gray to white to match the room and also painted all the brown paneling. I used the same color as upstairs with Behr, Snowy Pine. While the room looked 10x better with fresh paint, it definitely gave off a little bit of a creepy vibe not having the finished floors, so those were next!

Before/after: Painted the paneling, installed the new floors and trim.

Before/after: Painted the paneling, installed the new floors and trim.

Installing Vinyl Floors

So some of you may be intimidated to install flooring yourself, but I promise it really wasn’t so bad. A few things that I did to prepare:



Duralux Signature Hickory - I had a 100 sq ft room so I got 3 boxes

Laminate Flooring Kit


Shoe Trim

T square (Use for cutting pieces in a straight line)

Cutting mat

Utility knife

Measuring tape

Wood glue or nails for the trim


To Prepare

  1. Level the floors - This is only needed if you’re putting Vinyl in the basement and you think the floors aren’t leveled. This is probably only an issue with older houses, but you want to make sure you’re installing the flooring on a flat, level surface.

  2. Clean - I swept any extra debris out of the room and made sure the surface was ready for flooring.

  3. Decide on type of vinyl flooring - There are a lot of different types of vinyl flooring that you can choose from for your home. You can do stick and peel, groutable, floating, and more. I chose the floating option because it has the interlocking pieces and sounded like the best option for my project. Floating vinyl is also waterproof and that was important to me since it was going in the basement.

  4. Buy your supplies - Once you decide on the type of Vinyl flooring, you can do the fun part of picking out a floor! I bought my flooring at Floor & Decor. I got the Duralux floating vinyl in Signature Hickory. It happened to be the cheapest option and my favorite color, so that worked out. You want to make sure you also get 10% more flooring that you need to account for any mess ups or cutting you will be doing. I also bought a flooring kit to help with laying the floors that can be helpful.

  5. Buy trim - I went to Lowe’s for the trim. I got this trim as well as some shoe trim. Since my floor has a good gap between the wall in some places I thought it would look better and cover that space by adding shoe trim, but that is not required.


How to Install

  1. Start in the farthest corner from door. Make sure your floor will run in the direction of the longest wall. Using the flooring kit, take some tabs and space the floor away from the wall. This is important to allow the floor to have room to expand/contract.

  2. Add the next piece to the end of the first and interlock the pieces together. You can use your hammer or mallet to knock the piece to make sure it’s tightly locked. Continue until you reach the opposite wall.

  3. To start the next row, you’ll want to cut a piece in half to stagger the seams. To do this, take your cutting mat, measure the halfway point and then use a t square to mark that point and use as your ruler. This ensures a straight cut. Take a utility knife and run it a couple times. Then you can pick up the piece and snap it in half.

  4. Continue along laying the floor ensuring that you reinforce the pieces on the long edge and short edge to make sure everything is interlocked tightly. Make sure to completely each row to the other end completely before moving on to another row. It will be hard to go back and add pieces if you do not.

  5. Continue on until you’ve completed the whole room!

  6. At the door, you’ll want to install a reducer to go from vinyl fo the sub floor if they are different heights. I found a matching color and cut it to size of the door frame.


Bathroom Makeover Breakdown


Today I’m sharing with you guys everything in my bathroom and how I got there! I’ve slowly been working on this since I moved in and I finally feel like it’s at a good place (just need to resurface the bathtub and change out the shower hardware). I’m sharing all of my sources as well as progress pictures and where it is today!


Mirror: Target
Soap Dispenser & Canister: Target
Faucet: Wayfair
Vanity Light: Wayfair
Vanity: Ikea
Grout Painter: Grout Renew
Shower Curtain: older but I like this and this
Artwork: Claire Cormany
Towel Hardware: Anthropologie and here and here
Shelf Brackets: Lowe’s

Some of the easiest and simple changes I did was adding new hardware and light fixtures. Changing out lighting is not as daunting as it seems! Once you learn how to match the blue wire to the other blue wire it really it’s a pretty simple change! I also didn’t realize changing the faucet would be so simple. We just took out the old one and screwed the new one on no problem! If you are every looking for ways to up the value of your house this is the best and most cost effective way!


Here’s the art I hung up on this wall to just give it a pop of color in here!


These shelves were so easy to make! I got the guys at Lowe’s to cut the wood to size, stained them and then bought these brackets and wa-la! Found this basket in the $1 and it’s also great storage area for toilet paper, cotton balls, and extra towels.


All the Art in my House

Today I’m talking about all the pieces of art in my house! A lot of it I’ve collected from various local artists and as well as artists I’ve found through Instagram or Etsy. I love all of my art pieces so thought I’d introduce you to some of my favorite artists, so maybe you will find some art you love!

The Art Ledge

From left to right:  Emily Jeffords , Lisa Krannichfield,  Kai Samuels-Davis ,  Starr Petronella Photography ,  Wildfield Paper Co ., Lisa Krannichfield, Embroidery by me,  Karen Libecap

From left to right: Emily Jeffords, Lisa Krannichfield, Kai Samuels-Davis, Starr Petronella Photography, Wildfield Paper Co., Lisa Krannichfield, Embroidery by me, Karen Libecap

A lot of my art lives here on the art ledge! It’s a great way to hold a lot of art. I built it using Chris Loves Julia’s plans from the art ledge they made in their home. All the artists are listed under the image!


I have two pieces of art in my bathroom and is a dyptic by Claire Cormany, a local artist in Birmingham. I picked up her art at the Bluff Park Art Show and I think they fit in well in the bathroom.


The art in my bedroom is some of my favorite. I have a macrame piece by Renata Stone as well and a print from Teil Duncan. And over my dresser is my splurge piece. It’s the first big piece of art I bought at the Magic City Art Connection that I got a great deal on by Deann Rieves.

Dining Area

For those of us who can’t afford to have all original art, prints are a great option. Some artists will print almost realistic looking art as well and looks just as good. In my dining area I have this piece by Lisa Krannichfield that is one of my favorites as well as a couple prints from local Birmingham artist Cityfolk Creative that I found at Pepperplace Market. The small owl in the frame is from True Cotton Art and I am absolutely obsessed with all her watercolors.


My own photography + Art by Liz Lane

My own photography + Art by Liz Lane

In my office I blew up a photograph I took in California. I split the photo in half so I could spread it over two frames! I also have a small piece by Liz Lane another Birmingham artist favorite.

I hope this helped someone find some new art for their home and you enjoyed seeing all my pieces!

Patio Makeover REVEAL for under $750


It’s finally here! My near completed patio makeover! This project has been in the making slowly for the last couple of months and I finally got some furniture to complete the look! I’m excited to share all the before and after photos and sources of the everything! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I’m not done with the backyard yet. This is just phase 1!

Price Breakdown (and linked sources!)

Planter paint - $35 (Sherwin Williams - Caviar in Flat)
Plants - $100 (Mahonias and Coral Bells)
Bistro Set - $200 (After 30% off + 5% Target debit card)
Ikea Table Set - $200
Target Door Lights - $10
Door Paint - $3 (Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines in Satin)
String Lights - $80 ( I got 3 sets)

Cleaning up the patio

I first started off by cleaning up all the random things lying around as well as pressure washing! Pressure washing made such a huge difference. I got all the mildew off the planters and all the dirt off the concrete. It cleaned up the space to make it nice and clean for me to work on. My parents had recently bought a pressure washer, so I was able to use that, but you can also rent one.

Here is the pressure washer we used:  amazon.com

Here is the pressure washer we used: amazon.com

Painting the Planters

Next up was painting the planters. I knew I wanted to add a modern contrast and since cinder blocks are not very attractive I thought the perfect solution was to paint them! I chose a black paint color that I think turned out pretty great. I got (THIS COLOR INSERT HERE) It holds up really well under weather, and since this wall was prone to algae and moss, this was a good option and worked so well!


Installing Plants

Next up was putting in plants! I must confess, I am HORRIBLE with plants. I kill just about everything I have bought plant wise, so I was determined to buy plants that will live and thrive. This is a pretty shady spot, so I wanted something low maintenance and also shade tolerant. I went to Collier’s Nursery in Birmingham, and they were SO helpful helping me find the right plants. I’ve been to other nurseries that I had to hunt down people and then even those people weren’t knowledgable, so it was a relief to have someone know what they were talking about. I ended up going with Mahonias (The palm tree like plant) and Coral Bells in both red and bright green to add some color. The Mahonias will get 3-4ft tall and fill out the space, and the Coral Bells will also double in size.


I also planted some Hosta seeds on the narrow wall and they are thriving! They are just little sprouts still, but I surprised how well they’re doing! I think they love all the rain we’ve been having.

IMG_4143 2.JPG

Installing Lights

One thing I knew I wanted were lights! They just add so much to the atmosphere and I just imagined having dinner parties outside under the lights. I found these on Amazon, and I opted to get the slightly more expensive lights because I wanted the glass to hold up to the weather and the lights to last forever.


Painting the Door

Once I painted the planters, I knew I needed to change the door color. I wanted to paint a fun color so I got a $3 sample of Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines. I’m in LOVE with this green color and so happy I changed to it!

Paint color:  Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines , Doormat: Target (old), Lights:  Target

Paint color: Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines, Doormat: Target (old), Lights: Target

Adding Furniture!

Lastly I bought some furniture to finish out the space! I searched for a long time on finding affordable dining furniture. I feel like every table set was over $500, until I checked out Ikea! I got this set for $200 for table and chairs! I also picked up a little bistro set from Target that was 30% off plus my extra 5% off with my Target Debit card and made it out to be $200 as well. I still plan on possibly adding a couch, but that will have to come later!



And we’re done!! So happy to show you all the final reveal pictures!

2019-04-28_0002 copy.jpg

The Ultimate Birthday Rewards Guide

With my birthday coming up, I’ve been getting a LOT of emails with birthday rewards and let me tell you, I take FULL advantage of them all. A lot of them give you free things while some are discounts and money off! Either way though, I celebrate all month long with my birthday, and wanted to share with you guys my list of rewards that I get and use to the fullest! There are some stores I get discounts for that I’m not including because they are always doing sales where you can get a better deal (i.e. Gap, American Eagle, etc) Got any other good birthday rewards to share?? Comment below!

Keep in mind most of these you need to sign up before your birthday month because some come the 1st of the month. Including when they come to your inbox so you can plan your birthday month! Note: Look for expiration dates. Some expire on your birthday.


At Home - 25% off your entire purchase

  • When you are signed up with their email list.

  • Received two weeks before my birthday.

The Container Store - 15% off your entire purchase

  • Must be a POP Rewards member

  • Received the discount the first of the month

Ikea - $15 off your purchase, plus free meal in the cafe

  • Must be an IKEA Family Cardholder

  • Must use the coupons in store

  • Received first of the month

World Market - 15% off

  • Must be a World Market Explorer (Last year it was $10 off so will update if it changes again)

  • Received the first of the month


Brusters - $3 off

  • Be a part of their rewards program

  • Received the first of the month

P.F. Changs - Free dessert or appetizer

  • Rewards member

  • Received the first of the month

AMC Movies Theater - Free popcorn

  • Rewards member

  • Received the first of the month

Nothing Bundt Cakes - Free bundlet

  • Signed up for their email list

  • Received the week before my birthday

Luck Cat Rolled Ice Cream (Local to Bham,AL)- $5 off next visit

  • Signed up for their email list

  • Received the week before my birthday

Urban Standard (Local to Bham,AL)- $5 off next visit

  • Signed up for their email list

  • Received the week before my birthday

IHOP - Free stack of pancakes

  • Signed up for their email list

  • Received the week before my birthday

Planet Smoothie - Free smoothie

  • Signed up for their email list

  • Received the week before my birthday

Zoe’s Kitchen - Free piece of cake

  • Signed up for their email list

  • Received the first of the month


Madewell - $25 gift card (no minimum!)

  • Be a Madewell Insider

  • Received the first of the month

Anthropologie - 15% off your entire purchase

  • Be an AnthroPerks member

  • Received the first of the month

Ulta - Free birthday gift and 2x the points (no purchase necessary)

  • Be an UltaRewards member. Must scan actual coupon sent to you to receive.

  • Received the first of the month

Sephora - Free birthday gift (no purchase necessary)

  • Be an Sephora Rewards member

  • Received the first of the month

Urban Outfitters - 20% off your entire purchase of $50 or more

  • Download the UO rewards app

  • Received a week before my birthday

DSW - $5 reward

  • DSW rewards member

  • Received at the first of the month

  • TIP: Save up one of your other rewards and combine to get a bigger discount! They also always have gifts with purchase, so be strategic!


Plans for my Backyard!

Hello all! As we are nearing Spring, I’m excited to finally be tackling my backyard! It’s been a little bit of an eyesore since I bought my house, and I haven’t done anything with it since. 1, because I wasn’t sure what I could do to it, and 2, I was more focused on some of my indoor projects. But I’m finally ready to at least give it a little more life, and my goal is to have it usable by time April comes!

One of the biggest problems with it, is it has a HUGE tree in the backyard. So big that the roots cover everything and make it almost impossible to grow anything. Anyone has a solution to this please comment below! I wanted to dump a bunch of dirt back there to at least even out the ground, but I was told the dirt will eventually wash down because it’s on a slope. So for now, I at least have a plan for the porch! Here is the current state below after I recently power washed it! If you guys haven’t ever power washed it makes a world of a difference and prepped the porch!

2019-02-17_0001 copy.jpg

So that’s where I’m starting: the patio. Below is a moodboard of kind of what I want to be doing with my backyard.


1. Lounge Furniture

Along with the patio dining set, I want a place where I can also just lounge by the firepit if I wanted. Some chairs like these look perfect for doing just that!

2. Build a Firepit

I haven’t decided where I should put the fireplace yet, but I’ve been looking at options to build one! There’s a lot of cheap tutorials out there where you can make one of your own for $40!

3. Fill with plants

The plant beds have absolutely nothing in them right now, so the goal is to find cheap, but effective and low maintenance plants I can fill them in with that will add a lot of dimension to the porch and make it feel more alive. I found this article on Country Living that lists a lot of great options if you’re looking for low maintenance greenery.

4. Dining set

We can’t have dinner parties without a table! Target has a lot of great options and I loved this one from Opalhouse. I’m not sold on any one set yet, but liked the warm colors of it.

5. String Lights

I plan to create a “ceiling” of sorts over the patio to add some ambient light at night and make it feel more inviting to hang out back there even after hours!

6. Vine wall

This won’t be on the patio, but next to it. The back of my house has a blank wall similar to the picture, and I think it would be the perfect place to add a vine wall!

7. Paint the plant beds

Though it’s not on the moodboards, I’m going the paint the cinder blocks black. I’ve known I wanted to paint the plant beds since I bought the house, but they were much too gross. My parents recently bought a pressure washer, so I took advantage of the opportunity to use it on the porch and has made a world of a difference! They’re clean enough now that I can paint them, so I bought black exterior mold resistant paint and that is the first step.

So those are my first steps! Later we will tackle the yard, but I’m going to start with the patio first! In the meantime, if you’re a landscape architect, or just have some good ideas, feel free to share those with me! Landscape design is not my forte!

HOW TO: DIY Farmhouse Shutters for $150

diy, diy shutters, farmhouse shutters, white house, cheap shutters, shutter project

Hi Friends!

This week we’re talking about my new shutters! These shutters turned out so good, and can’t wait to share how I did it. Not to mention I was able to do 4 windows (so 8 shutters) for only $150! So if you’re looking for an affordable DIY project to up the value of your house this is the one! My old shutters were not made properly by the previous owners. They were falling off the house and rotting by the day so I went ahead and decided to make these new ones that are much sturdier and professional looking! So here we go read on to see how I did it.

QUICK TIP: You can buy a Lowe’s coupon to save $20 off $100 on Ebay and save even more! Just search Lowe’s coupon on Ebay!


  • 12 - 1x4 treated pine boards @10ft (This is based on my window height, so may vary based on window)

  • 4 - 1x2 treated pine boards (for the cross piece)

  • 3” Wood screws

  • 1 ½” Wood screws

  • 1 ¼” Kreg Jig screws

  • 7/64 wood drill bit

  • Valspar Solid Stain

  • Wood filler


  • Drill

  • Kreg Jig (I used this one)

  • Electric Sander and sandpaper (rough grit)

  • Circular Saw

  • Wood clamps

  • Measuring tape

Note: This is the back side of the boards as you can see I wanted the black and nasty part of the board to be on the back side of the shutter.

Note: This is the back side of the boards as you can see I wanted the black and nasty part of the board to be on the back side of the shutter.

Step One

When choosing your wood, make sure you lay it on the ground and get pieces that are not warped. Make sure they lay relatively flat. The straighter and flatter they are, the cleaner and more lined up they will be when you screw them together. I then laid all the boards out with the back side facing me, and chose the order in which I wanted the boards to be and line up, so they looked best on the front side.


Step Two

Drill your pocket holes using the Kreg Jig drill attachment. I put the wood on the saw horses and used some wood clamps to help secure the Kreg Jig. I chose to do 3 different pocket holes on each board to add extra security. Make sure to measure equidistance between each pocket hole. Once you’ve drilled all the pocket holes, take your 1 ¼” kreg jigs screws and screw each board together and you should end up with something like this.

NOTE: There is no need to add pocket holes to the last board unless you want added security.

NOTE: There is no need to add pocket holes to the last board unless you want added security.

Step Three

Cut the boards down to size. It’s best to wait until you have them all screwed together because it will ensure that you will have a straight line with all three boards. My windows were 42” tall, but be sure to measure your own windows and cut to size.


Step Four

Sand the front and back of the boards until smooth. Depending on the grit of sandpaper, if your boards are perfectly matched up, now is the time to sand the joints, so they are smooth.


Step Five

Cut down the 1x2s to the size of the shutters. I used two each, but you can also do 3 if you like. It’s also up to you where you want them, so just lay them out and measure to find the perfect spot. Mine were 9” from the edge. We pre-drilled three holes, so it it easier to get the wood screws in.


Step Six

Then screw in the board from the back, so that you can hide the screws. You can also use a nail gun, but I thought this was more secure. You can also see I lined up the boards to the pencil mark measurements to make sure we stayed straight and even.


Step Seven

Time to paint! I used Valspar Solid Stain to ensure that I got a solid color that would hold up outside in Sherwin Williams “Windstorm” from Lowe’s. Be sure to do 2 coats and also paint the back to seal the wood.


Step Eight

Last step is to put up the shutters! We used the 3” wood screws and pre-drilled holes for them so they we’re easier to put up! Make sure you sink the screws slightly so that you can fill in the wholes. Once they are up sand just the spot where you screwed them in, and fill them in with wood filler. Once dry paint over the spots and you’re DONE!

diy, diy shutters, farmhouse shutters, white house, cheap shutters, shutter project

FREE Printable Recipe Cards

Free Printable Recipe Cards

If you’re like me, you don’t trust computers. I always wonder 20 years from now if things like Pinterest will be around. Or the blogs that have all your favorite recipes!? What if they delete their blog or take it down? I will no longer have that recipe! So I went to Pinterest to try and find some cute recipe cards I could print out at home, and I did not like a single one. They were all too “cute” if you know what I mean. I wanted something classic that I would never look at and not like. So I made my own! These ones are simple and easy to use! They’re straight to the point and I think may be useful to you guys! I’ve created a tab version if you like to be organized like me, but if not there’s also a non tab version! So scroll to the bottom of the post to download the cards! I recommend printing on cardstock and trim on the dotted lines.

Printable Recipe Cards