All the Art in my House

Today I’m talking about all the pieces of art in my house! A lot of it I’ve collected from various local artists and as well as artists I’ve found through Instagram or Etsy. I love all of my art pieces so thought I’d introduce you to some of my favorite artists, so maybe you will find some art you love!

The Art Ledge

From left to right:  Emily Jeffords , Lisa Krannichfield,  Kai Samuels-Davis ,  Starr Petronella Photography ,  Wildfield Paper Co ., Lisa Krannichfield, Embroidery by me,  Karen Libecap

From left to right: Emily Jeffords, Lisa Krannichfield, Kai Samuels-Davis, Starr Petronella Photography, Wildfield Paper Co., Lisa Krannichfield, Embroidery by me, Karen Libecap

A lot of my art lives here on the art ledge! It’s a great way to hold a lot of art. I built it using Chris Loves Julia’s plans from the art ledge they made in their home. All the artists are listed under the image!


I have two pieces of art in my bathroom and is a dyptic by Claire Cormany, a local artist in Birmingham. I picked up her art at the Bluff Park Art Show and I think they fit in well in the bathroom.


The art in my bedroom is some of my favorite. I have a macrame piece by Renata Stone as well and a print from Teil Duncan. And over my dresser is my splurge piece. It’s the first big piece of art I bought at the Magic City Art Connection that I got a great deal on by Deann Rieves.

Dining Area

For those of us who can’t afford to have all original art, prints are a great option. Some artists will print almost realistic looking art as well and looks just as good. In my dining area I have this piece by Lisa Krannichfield that is one of my favorites as well as a couple prints from local Birmingham artist Cityfolk Creative that I found at Pepperplace Market. The small owl in the frame is from True Cotton Art and I am absolutely obsessed with all her watercolors.


My own photography + Art by Liz Lane

My own photography + Art by Liz Lane

In my office I blew up a photograph I took in California. I split the photo in half so I could spread it over two frames! I also have a small piece by Liz Lane another Birmingham artist favorite.

I hope this helped someone find some new art for their home and you enjoyed seeing all my pieces!